Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We're moving soon so I've been busy lately with preparations from that. I'm not too worried about packing and setting up utilities and all that (although we are working on it!) My biggest concern is the huge adjustment for my 2 year old son. He's a pretty smart, sensitive little guy and I know it'll be a big deal for him. So far, some ideas I've come up with to ease the transition are:

Pic by Robert S. Donovan via Flickr
Create Routine

We've recently gotten him into a somewhat elaborate bedtime routine of toothhbrushing, jammies (after toothbrushing since he sometimes gets a bit damp from the brushing!), bedtime story, prayers, then sleep. I'm hoping that by having a fairly set routine, we can then do the same routine in the new place and that will help him feel at ease

Favorite Things

When we move, I'm going to grab his favorite things-his favorite stuffed animal, favorite bedtime story, etc and make sure they're in a specially designated bag that comes into the house first thing. We're also going to put a wooden cross that we currently keep above our bed in that bag and my husband will hang it over our bed before we go to sleep the first night.

Don't Push Other Changes

We are getting to the point that we anticipate breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and diapering all coming to an end soon, but we aren't really pushing it right now because I think the stress of all those changes plus moving at once would be too much for him to handle gracefully. So while we're not trying to get him to nurse more and we are still leaving the potty seat out available for his use, we aren't actively trying to get him to change his current behaviors on any of those issues yet.

New Fun

Besides new space to explore, we also have some fun surprises like a sandbox (courtesy of Grandma) planned for the new house to help shift the balance in favor of being different-but-good instead of different-therefore-bad.

What are your best tips for helping toddlers get used to moving to and living in a new house?

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