Saturday, September 17, 2011

Coming Soon on Crunchy Con Mommy

We're slowly but surely unpacking all our stuff into our new house, which I'm in love with despite it's flaws (any century-old house is bound to have them). Once I have my kitchen put away and locate the rubbermaid tub containing all my pants (it was shorts weather when I packed...thank goodness for the one pair of skinny jeans I kept handy!!) I'll be able to start doing fun things like craft projects I can post about. Here are a few things I have up my sleeves you should check back for soon:

  • Felt Jack O'Lantern Coasters

  • Appliqu├ęd pillowcases for a kid's room

  • Me raving about the sewing machine I get as a birthday present

  • Kitchen valances and hopefully coordinating cloth napkins using the leftover fabric

  • Embroidered hankies for my husband

  • Adventures or misadventures in removing and/or painting faux-wood panelling

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