Monday, October 24, 2011

Celebrate Color: Fall Leaf Dishtowel

When I saw Mollie from Wild Olive's post about the Celebrate Color contest and the adorable patterns she created to go with it, I couldn't resist stitching up a tea towel with these cool fall leaves.

To customize it, I first found a fall color in my house to work from. We just painted the walls of our new house a beautiful goldeny color that I thought would be perfect for the yellowy leaves, and I had a thread color that is pretty similar (our kitchen isn't actually that color-just the living room and dining room-but if it was, I probably would've picked a thread color a shade or two darker or lighter to avoid being too matchy matchy). I then picked shades of red, brown, orange, and green that made me think of fall and went well with my goldeny yellow. I ended up using DMC brand thread in colors 937, 815, 921, 422, and 975. One of the most fun things was that my mom recently sent me her thread organizer and the green, red, and orange I used were from her old stash. Based on the labels, I know they were bought at Target, which means they must have been bought a long time ago!

I traced the pattern using the easiest laziest method I could think of-I loaded Mollie's PDF on my laptop, draped the towel over the screen, and traced the pattern with a water-and-air-soluble marker. No ink got on the screen (I traced lightly and then went back over it afterwards) and I didn't have to print the pattern out or use any interfacing.

I used a simple stem stitch on the whole thing and left off the cute little faces so it would suit my husband's tastes too and not just mine (I have to admit, I find the little faces Mollie puts on everything totally adorable).

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Alli said...

Hehe, I love that you traced the leaves from your monitor! :D