Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our Flu Season Game Plan

Last winter we got slammed by several colds (including once when the toddler and I both spent most of a day lying on the couch and floor vomiting-yuck!) and I’m hoping to avoid the same fate this year. To avoid getting sick as much this year, here’s my game-plan:

  • Eat healthy: Eating healthy foods like lots of fresh fruits and veggies will boost our immune systems. Plus, they taste good! We’ll especially try to include foods with lots of Vitamin C like citrus fruits.
  • Take our vitamins: Even though I believe it’s best to get your vitamins from a varied diet, I realize that our diet may not quite be cutting it just yet. We’ll definitely keep taking our daily multivitamins to fill in the gaps our diet may be leaving.
  • Wash hands often: We play outside a lot, and I think it’s good for my son to get to dig in sand and dirt and carry sticks and rocks around and other such outdoorsy fun. But once we’re done, I plan to be vigilant about washing hands to ensure we aren’t bringing in unnecessary gunk.
  • Take off shoes inside: This is one of the biggest things I’ve heard from families who try to keep their families germ free without the use of lots of chemical-take your shoes off everytime you come inside. We’re lucky enough to have a really nice laundry room that can double as a mud room when we come in from the back. I plan to place some kind of bench along with a little rug that people can put dirty shoes and boots on so we don’t have to sit on the floor to do it.
  • Wash laundry –especially linens-often: As we go places throughout the week like the library and grocery store and work for my husband, we’ll naturally pick up all sorts of germs. To help keep them at bay, we should probably wash our linens more often during flu season-maybe changing bedding once a week instead of every other week, and changing hand towels every couple of days.
  • Sanitize key places: I’m not a big fan of using chemicals all over the house, but I do think they can be useful when used strategically. Specifically, during flu season I may use Lysol wipes or something like that regularly on my doorknobs, phone, and on shopping carts because those three places are such germ magnets. I think if I use the harsher chemicals on those places, I can get away with using something milder like vinegar/water/essential oil blend most other places without putting my family at risk of catching too many nasty flu germs.

We’ll probably get sick at some point this winter, because that’s just how winter goes for me usually. But hopefully these strategies will prevent at the minimum a major illness, and if all goes really well, maybe we won’t even get sick at all! Either way, I think we’ll be healthier if we take these steps this flu season.


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Cassie said...

You should consider doing cod liver oil and vitamin d. Cod liver oil is high on vitamin a that's good for your immune system. Sounds like a good game plan!