Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Preparations

The bad news is that I haven't posted in like a week due to an annoying cold.
The good news is that I caught my husband's Grandmas head-cold-that-zaps-every-ounce-of-energy and NOT his colleague's flu that apparently causes you to spend at least a day or two unable to keep anything down.
Cross your fingers and knock on wood I don't catch the other!
Anyway, I have been up to all sorts of Christmasy fun and will try to post some of it soon. I'm almost done with coasters for my Grandma & I may even get an upcycled Christmas stocking made from my old sweater and Hubby's old button-up shirt done in time to enter the Prudent Baby serger contest tomorrow night. I'm also going to post on how to make the easiest felt finger puppets ever (if my idea works).

To celebrate feeling better, my toddler and I baked gingerbread cookies. I apparently baked too much pumpkin bread (mostly muffins) this fall though because he keeps talking about his "pumpkinbread boys!" He was surprisingly good at cutting out shapes and had a blast decorating with sprinkles. And we sang Christmas carols while doing it.
It feels like Christmas!!

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