Sunday, January 29, 2012

February Towel of the Month

For Christmas, I gave my mom a "Towel of the Month Club Membership"-basically, I promised to embroider a kitchen towel for her each month this year(I forgot to take a picture of the "January" towel I gave her on Christmas to have something to open). I just finished the February towel and wanted to share it with you. I used this free pattern:

 and decided to do the whole thing as if it were one big flowering plant-I made little stars where the circles above each flower are in the pattern and made the shapes below the flower all green like stems and leaves. I think the heart and pink make it Valentine'sy enough to be fun, but it is also generic enough to leave out all spring. I used stem stitch on the flowers, woven spider wheels and straight stitch on the green portion, and just kind of made up the yellow stars.
And here is my finished towel:

My February towel. Sorry for not ironing.

Have you ever embroidered tea towels? I have 10 months left to go, so please share your favorite patterns and motifs with me!!

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