Friday, March 9, 2012

Celtic Cross Embroidered Kitchen Towel

As my mom's Christmas present for 2011, I gave her a "towel-of-the-month club" membership...a.k.a. I'll be embroidering her a towel each month in 2012. I'll post pics for all of you to see too in case you are looking for embroidery ideas! Here's what I stitched up for the month of March:
I need to work on my photography...but you get the idea here :)

In honor of St. Patrick's day (and our Irish heritage in general), I used this beautiful free celtic cross pattern from Mary Corbet's Needle N' Thread. I used a gold medium braid from Kreinik thread (but you could use any gold ribbon or even gold DMC floss) and DMC cotton floss in colors 699 and 702.

I did the outermost circle in a simple stemstitch, I couched the golden braid, I did split stitch for the swirly inner cross, I ignored the little connective lines (oops!) and I did a woven spider wheel for the circles in the lighter green, except that the innermost circle is whipped with one strand each of light green, dark green, and gold. I originally satin stitched the circles, but didn't use interfacing and they didn't turn out round. So I ripped them out and redid it with the spider wheels, and I'm prety happy with the end result. It was a pretty fast sew, especially the couching, and you couldn't definitely whip one up this weekend in preparation of next Saturday's festivities (or for anytime-Celtic crosses never go out of style in my opinion!)


robbie @ going green mama said...

What a neat idea! My sister in law loves anything Irish...maybe if I start now I will be ready for Christmas!

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