Monday, March 26, 2012

Cure for the Mondays 3/26/2012

On Mondays I post stuff I've seen in the last week that made me laugh or smile. I hope it brightens your day too, especially if you've got a "case of the Mondays"!

These strawberry-mango smoothies sound absolutely amazing, and thanks to my newest addiction, lactose-free Yoplait yogurt, I'd actually be able to drink one!

We probably don't really have enough space for one of these, but I love the idea of an easy DIY outdoor pizza oven. Even better? This tutorial does it with such commonplace materials it could definitely be done for under $20.

Don't tell my husband about these white chocolate truffle cupcakes-he looooves white chocolate and will want them immediately. I will definitely have to whip up a batch for Father's Day or our anniversary though!

If you have kids old enough to not choke on it, I love the idea of making your own rock candy. It's a science experiment and a tasty treat all in one!

What fun links did you discover this week?

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