Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sara Haley Expecting More Prenatal Fitness Video Review

I recently got the opportunity (even though I'm not pregnant) to review Sara Haley's new prenatal fitness video Expecting More and I totally love it!

What it is:
Like me when I was pregnant, Sara was frustrated with how boring/non-challenging/low-key all pregnancy workout videos seem to be. But as a trainer with Reebok, she knew just what to do about it-and created her own exciting and challenging workout that expecting moms and new moms can safely do. And the end result of that development process is Expecting More!

Who made it: Sara Haley is a personal trainer whose experience includes several years as a Reebok Master Trainer, teaching classes at prestigious health clubs, and appearing in at least 10 fitness videos!

Overall impressions:
I love her sensible approach, and her reminders to not overdo it, but also to not be afraid of sweating or using your muscles. Besides the obvious applicability to pregnancy, I also think this video is awesome for women who are trying to conceive and might be worried about running/bouncy aerobics/etc when half of each month they hope they are pregnant and are just waiting to find out, and don't want to jeopardize their pregnancy with dangerous exercises. Sara's exercises, while safe for pregnancy, are also active enough that I think doing them for an extended period of time wouldn't result in a loss of fitness the way most pregnancy workout plans would. Personally, I plan to combine her DVD with a couple days of going for long walks with my husband and son next time I'm pregnant. Last time I was pregnant, I had trouble with diastasis recti, and I think it is largely because I was basically afraid to workout while pregnant, but found actual pregnancy workout DVD's boring-and couldn't feel them in any of my muscles. With Expecting More, I know that won't be a problem next time. I also love that she has 6 different workouts available on her DVD, so that you work slightly different muscles and don't get bored of doing the same thing everyday.

Buy it:
Expecting More is available from Amazon for $39.95 at time of posting this.

Learn More:
 You can read more about Expecting More at Sara's website, or join the live webstream event this afternoon at 1pm Eastern (noon central)

I received a free copy of Expecting More for review purposes but received no other compensation for this post.

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