Monday, April 9, 2012

Cure for the Mondays-April 9, 2012

On Mondays I post links and ideas I've seen in the past week that made me laugh or smile. I hope they brighten your day too, especially if you've got "a case of the Mondays"!

I found so many great recipes that could use up leftover hardboiled eggs I can't decide what to try first!

These delicious looking bacon cheddar deviled eggs from Yummly
Source: via Crunchy on Pinterest

Or maybe these avocado deviled eggs from Eating Well, Live Thin(er)

Or even bacon n' egg salad sandwiches from Taste of Home

On a different note, how awesome is this idea for a summer party (or wedding!)??? Make your punch and serve it in a scooped out watermelon with spigot attached (I think the original idea was to put alcohol in it, but it is such a cute idea, it seems a shame to waste it on adults only-kids would be so amazed by it!)

And I think this is super fun: make a kitchen towel "cake" for a bridal shower (like the "diaper cakes" people make for baby showers!) and fill it with fun utensils etc. I won't be surprised if this is the next big trend in bridal showers the way that diaper cakes have taken baby showers by storm. And why not? It's cute, it's fun, and it's useful-a perfect trifecta!

Source: via Crunchy on Pinterest

Oh, and did you enter my giveaway!!! for Char Crust Dry Rub Seasonings? They are perfect for grilling meat, but they also work for baking, sauteeing, and even veggies. Later today I plan to try sprinkling some on some deviled eggs too...I think it's going to be amazing!

What have you seen lately that has made you laugh, smile, or want to run to your kitchen and start cooking immediately?

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