Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Real Simple Pet Products at Target

Real Simple has teamed up with Target to create a new line of sophisticated pet products-at a reasonable price for all pet owners, and Clover, my parents' goldendoodle, was lucky enough to get the opportunity to try some of them out. My mom kindly translated the assorted sniffs, barks, and woofs, into English for us.
Here is Clover's big score for her first ever blog review:
Real Simple pet toy box, light up coller charms, and pet organizer book
The pet toy box was a big hit with Clover. She liked the way it contained her toys while also fitting in stylishly with my parents' existing room decor and color scheme. Clover was also pleased with its large capacity and how easy it was to get in and get her own toys out without help.

The light-up collar charms were clearly Clover's favorite. She thought they'd be perfect for twilight walks with my Dad. They provide enough light to be easily seen by passing motorists and pesky cats, and even have an online registration option for safety if Clover ever got seperated from my parents.
Clover was sad my mom wouldn't let her chew the pet info organizer, but was happy my mom now had one easy place to write down information about Clover's shots, vet records, licensing info and even exercise, food, and "Love & Affection". Clover didn't like the sound of this much, but my mom mentioned it might be particularly useful if you were leaving your dog with someone for a few days to have them fill out the exercise, food, and love sections so you had a good idea of what your dog spent their day doing while you were gone.

To get your own stylish Real Simple pet products, check the pet aisles of your local Target store!

Thank you to Real Simple for providing samples of some of their super chic pet products for Clover to test and provide her honest opinion of.

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