Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sourdough Summer-Will You Join Me?

This summer, I'm going to attempt to capture my very own sourdough culture for the first time-and I'd like you to join me! You can start anytime, but I thought the beginning of a new month-June-would be the perfect time to start. I'll post about capturing your own wild sourdough culture, caring for your sourdough starter, maybe host a sourdough starter swap if there's any interest (wild yeast strains vary from place to place, so if you live far away from me, your sourdough starter might taste very different!), and of course, lots of delicious sourdough recipes!

If you want to play along, here is what we'll need:
  • A 2qt glass or plastic container (I used an 8 cup glass measuring cup)
  • flour (unbleached)
  • water (tap will probably work, but if your local water has a lot of chlorine, that could prevent you from capturing your wild yeast well)
  • cheesecloth, mesh, or something else similar to keep bugs out while still letting yeast in (I used resuable produce bags from Natural Home Products!

So head out to the store for any of those items you might be out of and check back tomorrow for instructions on what to do to get busy catching wild yeast!!

Happy Sourdough Summer!


Cassie said...

I bought a sour dough starter from cultures for healthy at this real food store. a couple months ago which is funny because we don't eat grains. I want to try it but my husband has some gluten issues and I don't really want my kids(mostly my son, my daughter has never had grains) eating a bunch of bread now that they are used to not eating it... My son would only eat that if we had it. Anyway, maybe I'll try it. I'll let you know if I do. :)

Crunchy Con Mommy said...

How fun that you were able to find that! I'm excited to try making sourdough-seems like a really frugal and delicious way to bake bread with real ingredients only, you know? We are almost to the point where we aren't buying storebought bread anymore, and I'm hoping sourdough will get us the rest of the way :)

anyway, the book I was reading about sourdoughs says you can refrigerate the culture for like 6 months between uses usually, so even if you only eat bread a couple of times a year it could still be a good way to go. Let me know if you bake some yummy sourdough!

Cassie said...

Status- I'm activating my sour dough starter. I've been able to use the excess starter for pancakes. They are very delicious. I tried making a loaf of bread (sour dough bread is some culinary thing ive always wanted to try). But that night (while I left the bread to rise) I decided I feel better with out grains. Which it just so happened my bread didn't rise. I think the starter wasn't active enough. I'm going to keep feeding my starter until its more active and try again. Maybe I'll give my loaf to a neighbor. No, ill probably taste it :) I'll keep you updates. How's yours going??

I got my starter from by the way.
And there's another blog- she has a no kneed sour dough recipe. If you google 'no kneed sourdough cheeseslave' the link will come up. My phone won't let me post it here Ug. I'll post it later. :). Happy Friday!

Cassie said...

here is the link
and here is the recipe for the pancakes. It uses starter that you would just throw out

Here's the Cheeseslave link
She runs a cool blog about health and food so it's kinda fun to read.

DEHausfrau said...

I had tried to do this in my kitchen two years ago and it totally didn't work. I chalked it up to the woman I got the directions from living in Israel and assumed there must be more wild yeasts there. I'm going to try putting it outside and we'll see if it works this year.

Crunchy Con Mommy said...

So to update: I was successful in catching a sourdough culture-hurray!!! And then I left it out in the rain and had to throw it in the trash. Then I got sick (like coughin up phlegm and so much runny nose I went through like a box of Kleenex a day kind of sick) and figured I'd wait until there was less chance of me sharing germs with my sourdough starter before trying again. I'll try again this week though and then hopefully get some recipes and such up next week or so!

@DEHausfrau-if you live somewhere very urban, it might be a good idea to try to "catch" your starter somewhere other than home, like a local park or nature preserve. I don't know if it would work, but it might-you could even leave it in your car with the windows rolled down just a little if you went somewhere that might have better/more cultures, lol.