Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Baskets 2012

We made May Baskets for some of our relatives who live in the same town as us and here is how they turned out:

I tried to make them close to what my husband remembered from his own childhood, but with a few fun twists of my own. So I ended up using plastic cups my pre-schooler covered in flower & butterfly stickers and I added tags I cut out of scrapbook paper to each cup (turns out my punch that makes two slits for ribbons works on plastic cups and not just paper!) On the inside, each has a Bing candy bar to weigh them down, unbuttered popcorn, and two big pretzels I made with a cute candy mold that looks like flowers that I bought recently at Michael's. I like to think they looked kinda like the chocolate flowers were growing out of the popcorn. I put each in a plastic bag and tied with a ribbon, because I didn't want them to spill when we delivered them....by wagon:
Miraculously, none fell over during the delivery process. One thing that helped is that I put 4 of them in a little basket I normally keep my cell phone and keys in so they were upright. One of those drink holders from fast food restaurants would've been handy-I'm definitely going to hang on to any we get next April so I have them for May Day!

Happy May Day!!

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