Monday, June 25, 2012

Cure for the Mondays June 25th, 2012

On Mondays I post ideas and pictures I've seen in the past week that make me laugh, smile, and want to create. I hope they brighten your day too, especially if you've got a "case of the Mondays"!

I already told my husband to not throw away any more Altoids tins, 'cause I am going to make these:

This is brilliant: make your own Vic's vapor discs; they release essential oils when you run a steamy shower to help you clear out your gunk

This cracks me up, and would be perfect for a silly birthday party or a fun day at youth group. Throw cheetos (or something else light enough to not hurt if you miss) at shower caps covered in shaving cream. Hat with the most cheetos wins!
Source: via Rowena on Pinterest

I think I'd probably just make these square, even if they were less pretty, because it'd be so much easier, but basically, S'mores cookies=I'm drooling. Yum.

and I think this is hilarious and would totally do it if I were a teacher, for sometime fun like the first day of school or parent-teacher conferences!

Oh and a rare coupon-for fresh produce-showed up on Facebook, which definitely makes my Monday better! Go here to get 50 cents off of fresh Del Monte pineapple! Now, back to Pinterest to decide which of the 10 bazillion amazing ideas I've seen for pineapple recently I should actually make!

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