Monday, July 9, 2012

Cure for the Mondays July 9th, 2012

On Mondays I post ideas that have made me laugh, smile, and want to create in the past week or so. I hope they brighten your day too, especially if you have a "case of the Mondays"

Did you ever pretend the floor was hot lava and you and your siblings had to prevent a (non-helium) balloon from falling into the lava by hitting and kicking it and leaping over the couch and stuff? Well this would just make that game even cooler:

Chocolate tacos. The fruit looks good, but I also wonder, how amazing would these be with bananas and peanut butter inside???
Source: via Julia on Pinterest

And I will definitely be making cinnamon roll snails next time I make cinnamon rolls

Continuing my cute-food-fetish, I love the idea of button cookies tied up with festive ribbon, and I think you could find stuff to make the circles even if you didn't have a button shaped cookie cutter (I don't.)

Oh and I had a total Pinterest fail the other day. This:
Source: via Hannah:) on Pinterest
Does not work. At all. The brownies just fall right off. Might work with button cookies though... (that particular brownie skewer pic isn't the one I saw before the 4th of July, so apparently there are at least 2 kitchen wizards out there with magical brownie saving abilities I lack. I couldn't get a single brownie to survive the skewering. Oh well.)

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