Friday, July 13, 2012

Who Should American Idol Pick as New Judges?

So this is totally a frivolous post, but it’s recently come out that Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are both out of the American Idol judges lineup. Wanna know who I would choose to be new judges on American Idol? I’ll pretend like Randy is also leaving and any celebrity in the world is fair game. Here’s who I’d pick:

I think they need to find people to fit into the following 3 categories, and it’d be best if the judges aren’t currently touring artists, because of time constraints.

Media Mogul (Randy)

This needs to be someone who knows the record industry inside and out. Someone who’s been behind-the-scenes and knows what it takes to take a performer to the top.

My pick: Jay-Z.  Besides his own lucrative rap career (14 Grammys plus the record for most number one albums by a solo artist on the Billboard charts) and his wife Beyonce’s amazing career, Jay-Z is also well-known as a producer and entrepeneur.

Backup: David Foster. I saw this guy on PBS the other day and couldn’t believe all the acts he’d worked with, like Celine Dion, Seal, Michael Bolton, and more. He's chairman of Verve and has 16 Grammys.

Diva (Jennifer Lopez)

This should be someone who is actually fairly musically talented and female.

My pick: Mariah Carey. She has an unbelievable vocal range and is a pop icon. Plus some friendly rivalry w/hubby Nick Cannon’s America’s Got Talent could only be good for both shows, right?

Backup: Mandy Moore.  I personally love Mandy Moore, even though she doesn’t have the vocal range of Mariah (who does???) and if her ear is as good as her voice, I think she’d be sweet but intelligent in her comments.

Young’un (not Steven Tyler)

Call me crazy, but I think it’d be nice if there was someone on the show who was under 30. They should be able to sing, but they don’t have to be the same caliber vocally as the “diva”.

My pick: Taylor Swift. I’m sure she’s too busy writing, singing, recording, touring, etc, but if she wasn’t, having a genuine country superstar would be awesome on American Idol.

Backup: Joe Jonas.  He’s not as much of a superstar, but he is a reasonably good singer who clearly knows how to turn yourself into a household name.

Who would you choose as new American Idol judges?

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Liza said...

he show is antiquated and predictable. The judges became too arrogant and self-serving. There is way too much competition for this show to continue without a complete re-vamp.