Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why I Have Been a Slacker Blogger All Summer

I have exciting news, and it's totally my excuse for not posting very much the last couple of weeks:
I'm pregnant!!!
I don't feel comfortable sharing a ton of specifics online, but I'm due in 2013 and we are very excited (feel free to e-mail or FB me for more details if we are good enough friends you have my e-mail address or are FB friends with me and you wanna know more)! I've been pretty nauseous and sleepy this time-much more so than with my son, and we haven't told him about his impending big brother status yet. We aren't planning to find out the gender, and we haven't picked a name yet but have it narrowed down to just a few favorites.
The other good news is that I am starting to feel much better and will be posting several times a week again now that I am.
I welcome your well-wishes, prayers for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery, and advice from veteran moms on incorporating a second baby into your home (tips for first time moms in some books, like "nap when the baby naps"-are kind of making me giggle, as I envision a newborn and I sleeping peacefully while my preschooler colors on the walls and leaps off couches with wild abandon...clearly things will have to be very different this time around!!)


Cassie said...

Aww!!! Congrats!!!!!! I want more details. Can I fb you?

Beth @ Hungry Happenings said...

Huge congrats! I hope all is well with you now a month later, that you are enjoying the experience and are feeling well.