Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Catholic Family Fun Book Review

What it is:
Catholic Family Fun is a book of ideas families can spend time doing together. She suggests classic activities, and then also offers her suggestions to modify the activity to fit your family.

Who wrote it:
Sarah Reinhard, a Midwest mom of 3 who has written for Catholic Mom, Faith & Family Live, Catholic Foodie, and more. She blogs at Catholic Family Fun (the website connected with this book) and at Snoring Scholar, runs the Catholic Family Fun Facebook page, and is on Twitter as @PeeryBingle

First Impressions:
At first I was a little unimpressed. Some of the suggestions seemed so obvious-why would I need a book to suggest I tell knock knock jokes?

Overall Impressions:
As I read on, I liked the book more and more. I realized that the simple suggestions are there because they are so simple that we tend to forget them! And I loved how Sarah had suggestions for modifying activities to fit your family better and/or to incorporate faith if you wanted to, (like putting on a play about the life of one of the saints sometimes instead of always doing fairy tales, or looking at the animals in the zoo in the order they were created in the Genesis story!). I thought the book was really fun, and there were definitely ideas in it that I hadn't thought of

The Bottom Line:
A creative book full of ideas for family fun that could work for any budget and any amount of free time. I definitely recommend it for moms, Grandmas, and babysitters!

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