Monday, November 5, 2012

Cure for the Mondays Nov 5, 2012

On Mondays I post ideas that made me laugh, smile, and want to create in the past week. I hope they brighten your day too, especially if you've got a "case of the Mondays"!

How amazing is this: apparently you can make your own color catcher sheets! Totally doing this.

I think the idea of making a penny ball for the garden is super cute (and functional as slug repellent!)

Brilliant travel tip: use a shower cap as shoe storage so you don't have to worry what you put your shoes on top of:

And I definitely need to do this-we already have alphabet magnets and a dollar store cookie sheet we use for playing with magents, so all I need to do is print some of the amazing printables from the blog that came up with this idea:

What inspiring ideas have you seen lately?

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prsd4tim2 said...

I really love the magnet idea. Thanks for sharing.