Thursday, August 30, 2012

DIY Maternity Skirt from Swim Coverup or Smocked Fabric

So my mom bought me this swim coverup like 2 or 3 years ago and I've worn it like once ever. I liked the fabric, but I'm so busty that stretched out smocking on my chest was just very unflattering. Poor coverup sat unworn in my dresser for years, never to see the light of a pool deck. (in case you aren't sure, smocking kind of looks like the fabric is scrunched up in rows or diamonds and is naturally stretchy)
But my latest sewing project has promoted this unfortunate coverup to my regular rotation, and I'll show you how. Somehow it hit me that smocking=stretchy=maternity panel!

What you need:
  • A swimsuit coverup with a smocked top (which should be on clearance right now! look for a cotton or knit, not terry cloth) or
  • Smocked top fabric (I've seen it at Wal-Mart and at more specialized stores like Jo-Ann's, usually to make dresses for little girls, but it is available in lots of pretty prints and not just Disney princesses and fairies)
  • Scissors
  • Thread in coordinating color

decorative stitches make it less obvious if you don't stitch perfectly straight
What you do:
  • Cut off straps if applicable
  • If you are starting with fabric instead of a coverup, you'll probably want to get it so that unstretched it is about the same width as the width of your waist under your bump or maybe an inch or two smaller. Then, sew it into a tube. You'll lose a half inch or inch sewing it, but the stretch will make up for it. If you make it too loose it'll fall off, and the smocking really is quite stretchy. 
  • Cut the skirt a few inches longer than you think you really want it. I chose knee length, but you can do any length you want! (my finished length was 21 inches, so about 22 inches cut length. I am short, and the top 7" were smocking which I intend to be covered by my shirts and not actually showing, so 14" from the bottom of the smocking to the bottom of the skirt)
  • Pin to check and cut off again for eveness and perfect length, leaving about 1" for seam allowance
  • Fold the fabric over 1/2", iron, then fold another 1/2" and iron again. Pin if desired
  • Sew a line about 1/4" in using a decorative stitch
  • Wear your new skirt!
So comfy on the bump!

It seriously took me less than a half hour total, and would've taken even less time if I didn't have a 3-year-old to watch!

I want to try to find a long one in a knit fabric and make a maxi skirt next-if it works I'll update this post with a picture of that too!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Cure for the Mondays-August 27, 2012

On Mondays I post fun ideas I've seen that made me laugh, smile, and want to create. I hope they inspire you too, especially if you've got a "case of the Mondays"!

Apple Cider donut-holes. Yum.
Source: via Annie on Pinterest

What a fun shower gift (or thing to make yourself): custom hospital gown! Seriously, anyone want to make me one???

And my brother/my niece definitely need one of these once she is old enough to play with real Legos without eating them...

And apparently you can make custom chocolate molds out of brown sugar. How cool is that???

Last but not least, these make me giggle:

What ideas have inspired you lately?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Cure for the Mondays August 20th, 2012

On Mondays I post fun ideas I've seen in the past week or so that made me laugh, smile and want to create. I hope they brighten your day too, especially if you've got a "Case of the Mondays"!

Mac n' Cheese in a microwaveable mug? Yes please! I especially love that it uses real ingredients and would be easy to customize (I want to try it with lactose-free milk and whole-wheat noodles!)

And okay, I know August is too early to do pumpkins, but the mums are gorgeous right now and I think this is super cute. Might have to do one on my porch that Hubby is repainting and building a new rail for with his carpentry-savvy bro!

This looked like a better idea the other day when it wasn't almost 90 degrees, but I know cool weather will be back soon, and easy potato soup in the crock pot is right up my alley. I definitely want to try this!

Recipes like this always make me wish I could go to the store and buy 1/4 of rum, lol. It only calls for 2tbsp, so that's not worth buying a whole bottle, but I'm sure it adds good flavor. I wonder if a local bar would help me out? Anyway, this looks delicious and reminds me of apple cakes I had when I lived in France

I might be too lazy to actually make these, but they sure sound yummy. I loooooved having real fruit leather when I was a kid in my lunch but was never a big fan of fruit roll-ups, and I know these would be amazing to take in a lunch (or eat just for fun).

What ideas have inspired you lately?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why I Have Been a Slacker Blogger All Summer

I have exciting news, and it's totally my excuse for not posting very much the last couple of weeks:
I'm pregnant!!!
I don't feel comfortable sharing a ton of specifics online, but I'm due in 2013 and we are very excited (feel free to e-mail or FB me for more details if we are good enough friends you have my e-mail address or are FB friends with me and you wanna know more)! I've been pretty nauseous and sleepy this time-much more so than with my son, and we haven't told him about his impending big brother status yet. We aren't planning to find out the gender, and we haven't picked a name yet but have it narrowed down to just a few favorites.
The other good news is that I am starting to feel much better and will be posting several times a week again now that I am.
I welcome your well-wishes, prayers for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery, and advice from veteran moms on incorporating a second baby into your home (tips for first time moms in some books, like "nap when the baby naps"-are kind of making me giggle, as I envision a newborn and I sleeping peacefully while my preschooler colors on the walls and leaps off couches with wild abandon...clearly things will have to be very different this time around!!)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Cure for the Mondays August 12, 2012

On Mondays I post ideas I've seen in the past week or so that made me laugh, smile and want to create. I hope they brighten your day too, especially if you've got a case of "the Mondays"!

I thought this list of the best houseplants to clean your air was awesome. I definitely want to go get some of those plants before winter!

And Pinterest is starting to make me think about fall decor (stop it, Pinterest...I like summer!!!) Anyway, I love both of these candle ideas: cute a perfect spot for a tealight in an apple, or fill a glass candle holder with popcorn around a fall colored candle!

These just look yummy!

This makes me want to bust out the glitter (after I wash my faded faux keds)

And I'll keep the glitter out to try this too:

What ideas have inspired you lately?

P.S. Check back later today or tomorrow for a fun post about why I haven't posted much lately ;)