Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes 3/8/2013

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--- 1 ---

This is my first 7 Quick Takes ever. Hurray!

--- 2 ---

I'm blogging on my iPod lately and the silly app won't let me edit after posting for some reason, so please forgive mistakes-I can't fix them until baby & preschooler are content enough without me to get to the laptop!

--- 3 ---

My best friend from high school just had her baby 7 weeks early, and they are both doing great, but please say a prayer for R & Baby C if you're the prayin' type!

--- 4 ---

Ricemilk is surprisingly versatile. Perhaps my favorite faux-milk so far when I don't want another flavor (chocolate almond milk is my actual favorite!) Baby seems to not be a fan of me eating dairy, so I've been exploring the alternatives!

--- 5 ---

Preschooler is learning to write letters. He was tracing letters today and I was so proud, but also Wah! My baby isn't a baby anymore at all!

--- 6 ---

I'm on the hunt for zebra print play shoes...for myself. I mostly wear solid jewel tones so I think I can pull it off. My overall faves are Sperry Topsider Bahamas Boat Shoes, but they're so expensive I'd never actually wear them to the park or grocery store. Low top Converse All-Stars are the cutest ones I'd actually wear to play, but I'll probably get some $8 Mossimo ones from the Target website instead. What do you zebra print too wild for a mom?

--- 7 ---

Somehow I got a cut on my finger while writing this. Like a paper cut, but I didn't touch any paper...weird. And disturbing-will my baby and preschooler get cut on this same invisible item???

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Amy B said...

I say go for the zebra print!!!