Friday, March 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes March 15, 2013

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--- 1 ---

There's a new Pope! Hurray! It'll be very interesting to learn more about him and see what he does. As far as I can tell most of his writings from his days as cardinal are in Spanish only. I'm guessing translation will come soon!

--- 2 ---

I'm glad New York's soda ban was overturned. Drinking a lot of soda is a bad idea, but controlling the diets of the American populace through legislation is an even worse one.

--- 3 ---

Unsweetened vanilla almond milk is disgusting. I'm glad it works for baking because I can't gag it down as a beverage or in cereal. Blech!

--- 4 ---

It's too soon to tell really, but it's beginning to look like my baby *might* have strawberry blond, auburn, or otherwise slightly coppery hair. I've wished I had red hair since I went to Ireland when I was like 7, and will be very excited if he turns out to be a red-headed freckly Irishman!

--- 5 ---

Rye flour is proving surprisingly elusive. We wanted to bake rye rolls to have corned beef on as Reubens this weekend but our usual grocery doesn't carry it. Eek!

--- 6 ---

Apparently radishes grow really well in a mason jar! My preschooler and I planted some as a science experiment (I'm hoping at least one will decide to grow right along the side so he can see how roots grow!) and so many sprouted we're going to have to pull several out so they aren't overcrowded!
We are also growing 2 pea plants so far. The rest of our seeds didn't fare quite as well, unfortunately. We'll have to try again I guess!!

--- 7 ---

Spring is almost here! Yesterday was so warm we took Baby out on his first ever walk! We went to Grandma's house in the stroller and had so much fun.

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