Friday, March 22, 2013

Seven Quick Takes March 22, 2013


--- 1 ---

Only one week left until Good Friday. I better go buy eggs and egg dye and candy before it's all gone! Also, in discussing it, I learned that my husband doesn't even like jelly beans! More jelly beans for me I guess!

--- 2 ---

Only one week left until Good Friday! I need to decide what to cook to bring to Easter lunch at my in-laws' house! I am currently torn between:

Or Easter egg nest cookies (aka sugar cookies rolled in toasted coconut topped with peanut butter M&M eggs)

Or make my Grandma's rolls recipe but shape it like bunnies.

Any votes?

--- 3 ---

Bearpaw shoes seriously has the best customer service ever. I posted on their Facebook wall because a button fell off one of my new boots from this fall, and they sent me an entire new pair that got here less than a week after I e-mailed them back all my info and pics of the boots etc.

(I also love Bearpaws because they are so durable. My old ones are 4 years old and still wearable, although not in as good of shape as my awesome new ones!)

--- 4 ---

Another random thing about Bearpaw boots: their boxes are awesome for making crafts! My son and I made a shield out of the box from the pair that is now missing a button plus some foil, construction paper, and foil star stickers (and I hot-glued a tiny bit of elastic to the back so he could hold on to it). He did all of it except the cutting and the hot-gluing, and he now uses it to defend himself in paper-towel-roll-sword fights


--- 5 ---

Apparently there is a book called "Crunchy Cons" and I've never read it. Luckily my local library has it so I reserved it and will read it asap so as to preserve my crunchy con street cred.

--- 6 ---

My preschooler wrote his name for the first time this week and it was adorable! He did it on black construction paper with a blue colored pencil though, so you pretty much can only see it if you tilt the paper just right so the light makes the colored pencil marks shine a tiny bit.

--- 7 ---
Am I the only person whose babies are consistently long-torsoed? Both of my boys have had this problem, and the main result in baby days is that the cute little one piece snap suits won't snap over their crotches, but if I size up, their little feet won't stay in the cute little feet compartments (that always seems to be shaped like animals for some reason).

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Hen Jen said...

love the name of your blog! no idea what a crunchy con mom is, so after you read the book you will have to enlighten us :D it's a cute name, though.

my babies were all huge, so I had the opposite problem!