Friday, April 5, 2013

7 Quick Takes April 5, 2013

--- 1 ---
Ergo carriers are perfect pooch hiders. I was feeling totally self-conscious about going outside yesterday when it was really nice weather until I put the carrier and the baby and on and discovered my belly was camoflauged by my adorable baby.

--- 2 ---
My baby has reached the hair-grabbing stage. He is awesome at it.

--- 3 ---
I invented a delicious concoction this afternoon. I'll try to post the recipe tomorrow. You're welcome in advance, because it's amazing.

--- 4 ---
I'm considering getting a raised garden bed (actually my parents are going to maybe get me a super cool one as an early birthday present!) and am getting excited and nervous...what if I spend a bunch of time and money and energy and just kill everything? Any gardening tips would be much appreciated! So far most of what I have done is kill things in pots, but I've had just enough success to make me crazy enough to want to expand and try more!

--- 5 ---
I'm so glad April Fools Day is over. I think it might be my least favorite holiday. I always want to think pranks are funny. One year I even tape my brother's locker shut. But I just felt mean, and I still just feel like pranks are mean.

--- 6 ---
I'm going dairy, citrus, tomato, and chocolate free to help out my sweet baby who seems bothered by them. He's doing much better in terms of quantity and color of stuff coming out both ends, but I am starving! I definitely need to look up more recipes online!

--- 7 ---
We got new phones and they work as intercoms. So fun! It's like being kids and playing walkie talkie except with my husband. Lol.

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