Tuesday, April 23, 2013

May Baskets

In just a few weeks May will be here, and to celebrate, we'll be doorbell ditching some of our neighbors and leaving treats on their doorsteps on May 1st! It's a tradition with roots in Ancient Europe via Merry Old England, and we think its a great way to create a sense of community. There's aren't really any "rules" for mayday, but cups or baskets filled with edible treats and/or fresh flowers are most traditional. You can leave the baskets anonymously, or ring the doorbell and hide but not leave so that you can be "caught". If you have friends or neighbors who might be nervous about food they don't know the origins of, feel free to attach a cute tag or warn the adults of the neighbor household ahead of time.
To make our May Baskets more fun, the folks at SunRidge Farms sent over some delicious treats. My preschooler and I then used the scrumptiousness they sent to make a May Basket early so we could show you how to make May Baskets the way we do.

What you need
  • Popcorn, unbuttered (can be salted or plain)
  • Pretzels
  • Candy
  • Cups
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Stickers, paint, or other decorations

What you do
  • Decorate your cups-we punched holes in the cups about an inch from the top so we could put in pipe cleaner handles made of two pipe cleaners twisted together
  • Let popcorn cool
  • Mix popcorn with other treats
  • Place on neighbors door!

Treats from SunRidge Farms we used include:
Organic Sunny Bears
All-Natural Peanut Butter Pretzels
Organic Milk Chocolate Almonds
And RainbowDrops

They all tasted delicious. My husband's favorite was the almonds and my preschooler devoured the gummy bears. I liked the pretzels best. And a handful of all 4 plus popcorn was really amazing!! So we were all happy campers!

I received free candy for review purposes but received no other compensation for this post

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