Friday, May 31, 2013

7 Quick Takes May 31st, 2013

--- 1 ---
I'm definitely still in the newborn haze phase because I thought I took like 2 days off from my blog, not like a week and a half! And all I have to show for it is increasingly chubby thighs on my baby :)

--- 2 ---
Okay that's not completely true. I also baked some stuff and sewed custom burp cloths for a friend who named her new baby "Alexander" and because I knew my friend is as geeky as me, I made them space themed with some quilted stars and glow in the dark embroidery!

--- 3 ---
I also watched the entire 2nd season of "Call the Midwife" on the PBS app and I really like it...and I normally don't like PBS. I don't even like Downton Abbey! (I'm beginning to understand where my week went, actually...)

--- 4 ---
My big bro, who has had some difficulty in the last finding & keeping a good job, just got his personal trainer certification and I'm really proud of him and hope this will be the key to a great long-term job for him!

--- 5 ---
I think I'm going to cover my summer wreath in red white and blue pinwheels! Do you do a wreath in summer? I'd love to hear what other people put on theirs!

--- 6 ---
My dad has to go on a business trip to the Great Northwest and I am crossing my fingers he'll send some huckleberry candy my way! Huckleberry cordials are so so yummy and totally unavailable where I live in the Midwest!

--- 7 ---
I have some fun reviews and non reviews planned for next week, so stay tuned. Now that I'm out of Call the Midwife episodes I have time to write again, lol. 
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