Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Miracles of Jesus App Review

We recently got the chance to check out the brand new "Miracles of Jesus" app and my preschooler and I both liked it a lot! I thought it'd be fun to share some of my 3 year old son's own words, plus my thoughts of course!

What it is:
Miracles of Jesus is a new app from NEST based on some of the biblical stories of Jesus performing miracles (based on the King James Version, but I didn't see any content that would be significantly different in other versions). It includes a storybook with two reading difficulty levels and games suitable for a variety of ages of kids.

My thoughts:
I think this is a great app. Definitely my favorite story app so far. The illustrations were extremely well-done and I am very impressed at the fact that they made two different difficulty levels. The games were fun and definitely appealing to a wide range of ages. My preschooler was able to do both of the mazes guiding Peter over the water to Jesus, but had to try hard to do so. He also enjoyed the letter and word tracing, which I especially loved because most tracing books and apps don't include religious words, but we use them a lot so they'll be good ones for him to know! Several of the games were too hard for him, which means there's something for him to grow into.

My kid said:
Reading is cool. And playing games. My favorite game about it was getting the guy to Jesus.

Get it:
You can buy the Miracles of Jesus app in the App Store for $2.99 at time of posting*.

The Bottom Line:
Miracles of Jesus is a really cute app with theologically sound content & a worthy addition to the app story collection of any Christian family.

*Always check the current price before downloading any app as they are subject to change!

I received a download code to try this app for free, but received no compensation for this post.

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