Friday, June 28, 2013

7 Quick Takes 6/28/2013

--- 1 ---
My baby, now 5 months old, is officially a lean mean rolling machine. Minus the mean part. He mostly rolls one direction, from back to tummy, but he has rolled from tummy to back, and once he went back to tummy to back to tummy to get to a big blue monkey belonging to my preschooler!

--- 2 ---
Ahhh that means I have to clean up all the choking hazards! How do you keep little toys belonging to older siblings away from baby? My 3 year old isn't exactly tidy...

--- 3 ---
I got my first woven wrap recently as a gift from my parents and its gorgeous and I'm addicted to woven wraps now and have approximately 12 bazillion that I want besides the awesome one I already have. The pattern is called "triskele" which is an ancient celtic symbol originally but became a Christian symbol of the trinity. Since the majority of my ancestors were Scotch or Irish, I think it's really cool to think about that the symbol on this baby wrap might have been something that helped some of them understand God and Christ centuries (millennia, maybe) ago!

--- 4 ---
I tried quinoa for the first time recently too and I liked it! It's really a lot like rice but healthier. No wonder its catching on! I'm probably like the last person to try it. 

--- 5 ---
The thing where you blend frozen bananas to make an ice cream like dessert? Totally works and is easy and yummy. My preschooler has been begging me to make more!!

--- 6 ---
The baby is literally off the charts for height for a boy with Down Syndrome! He is way above the 90th percentile. If he keeps it up, he will almost definitely be taller than his mama someday, which would be cool because I know that's a big deal for boys to reach that milestone someday. 

--- 7 ---
This weekend is my 6th wedding anniversary! Hurray! 
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priest's wife said...

sweet baby!

try soaking your quinoa will be fluffier (of course, this only works for me when I menu plan...)