Friday, August 23, 2013

7 Quick Takes August 23, 2013

--- 1 ---
I got another woven wrap (thanks Mom and Dad!), a Diva Milano turquoise baroque lions, and it's really soft and pretty. Would anyone be interested in me writing reviews of the specific wraps I try out? 

--- 2 ---
If you plan on selling your old your toys, have your husband get them out of the basement and clean them off and brush their hair and take pictures of them and such or you might find yourself playing with them and not wants to give them up ever!

--- 3 ---
Summer came back! Hurray! I love warm weather!

--- 4 ---
My husband's 10 year reunion came up and I'm super worried about what to wear because he was a cool kid and I was definitely not (different schools far far away from each other though, we met in college) and I don't want people to see us and wonder why Mr. Most-Likely-to-Succeed married some frumpy nerd. 

--- 5 ---
We had several appointments this week and the bottom line at all of them was that our baby is awesome and people blame us for that. One doctor went so far as to suggest we adopt upon being done having biological children. Lol. Laying it on a bit thick...but I can't say I minded. 

--- 6 ---
 Someone at Annie's must be able to read my mind, because they DID make a bigger box of Annie's Bunnies, making them cheaper per ounce than Teddy Grahams, which makes me able to justify to myself buying them instead! Hurray! My preschooler and I ate them for breakfast in our glee over the larger box size. 

--- 7 ---
A relative just got a new job in Kalamazoo Michigan and I'm really proud of him! Does anyone have any suggestions of places to go, things to do, what to eat, where to shop, etc in Kalamazoo? I'll happily pass your tips along to him!

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