Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sharkopedia Kids' Book Review

What it is
Sharkopedia is a full color children's encyclopedia all about sharks!

Who wrote it
Discovery Channel Books, especially Susan Knopf and Lori Stein. 

Get it
You can get Sharkopedia from any major book retailer. At time of posting, it's $19.99 when bought directly from Discovery Channel

My impression
I love the amazing photos in Sharkopedia . I've never seen that many great shark pictures ever, let alone in one book. I have been learning about sea creatures since I was a kid on the west coast, so I was surprised that even I learned a lot from this book. It's definitely a book with broad age appeal. My 4 year old son loved seeing the picture and hearing about the different types of sharks, but I can also see it being valuable to a much older student for a report in biology class, or just for fun! My favorite feature was actually the appendix that listed what sharks are in which aquariums and zoos.
We were planning a trip to the aquarium for shortly after we got this book and my son thought it was really interesting to see pictures of some of the shark varieties we were going to see and learn a little more about them like what they eat and where they live in the ocean. 

My 4-year-old-says
I like the scary sharks [great whites]! They look like ghosts! The pictures are so fun and scary!

The bottom line
Sharkopedia is a well done book I highly recommend to families who love animals and science. It'd be a great addition to any home or classroom library. 

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Brandie Mcnemar said...

That Shark book looks awesome, my little guy will really enjoy something like that. I was looking for some recommendations for books, I will say those are the best ways to find great reads. My favs right now for the snowy times are The Reindeer Keeper and The Snowman Maker both by Barbara Ward, Just great books to sit with Cocoa and read with the little ones!