Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Capitol Hell Book Review

What it is
Capitol Hell is a novel about the stress and hilarity that ensue when a Target-clearance-wearing girl from the Midwest heads to DC to work for as a staffer for her larger-than-life Senator.

Who wrote it
Jayne Jones and Alicia Long, both former staffers of Senator Norm Coleman who've worked in a variety of positions for state and federal congressmen. Jones is now a professor at Concordia and Long is an attorney in DC

My thoughts
I thought Capitol Hell was a fun, quick read. Jones and Long's intelligence and wit come through clearly as they depict their fictional staffer-Allie-and her misadventures in DC and on the campaign trail. I thought the main characters were interesting and compelling.  The book is at least partially a composite of their own experiences and funny stories they've heard from other staffers, so I think that contributed to it being a little over the top at time, but I personally found it hilarious, which is what I think Long and Jones were going for. 

While I personally am not a fan of drinkin', cussin' & sex in books, the quantity(not too terribly much) and explicitness (mostly innuendo) seemed pretty standard for the genre and would probably not bother most adult women or most teens. I personally would not recommend it to a teen, but I would recommend it to anyone older than that. Another tiny thing  I disliked was a seemingly random dig at nursing mamas (depicted as irrationally protesting a Senator who made a sexist comment completely unrelated to breast feeding or even motherhood). It was very tangential and minor but still irked me a bit. It just seemed unnecessary! Oh and at one point (the first page I think) the main character says she's going to "try and" do something, which made me want to shout to the entire upper Midwest "try TO. TO TO TO TO". I went to college with lots of kids from South Dakota, where the main character is supposed to be from and they all do this, so perhaps it was an intentional South Dakota touch.

Overall I thought it was a great summer read and I definitely hope they follow it up with a sequel full of even more shenanigans as Senator McDermott runs for President! 

Quick read

Some explicit language
Some sexual innuendo and allusions

Get it
Capitol Hell is about $13 in paperback
or $8 for Kindle on Amazon at time of posting. 

The bottom line
A fun summer read, especially for anyone who loves politics! Best for women college aged and above. 

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