Thursday, October 17, 2013

7 Quick Takes Oct 18, 2013

--- 1 ---
Boy #2 figured out how to inchworm! Hurray! It's sooooo fun watching his face lights up at his newfound mobility. Combined with rolling, his inchworm crawling (apparently what I think of as "crawling" is technically called "creeping" and the inchworm does actually count as a form of crawling!) allows him to get just about anywhere he wants!

--- 2 ---
Winter weather has arrived and I'm sort of bummed. I am not ready to hibernate! 

--- 3 ---
My husbands birthday was this week, and we discovered Boy #1 doesn't like dark chocolate cake! On the bright side, that meant my husband got more of his own cake than usual. 

--- 4 ---
My mommy is coming to visit soon! Hurray! We will all enjoy her company for a few days. 

--- 5 ---
I got a Zumba DVD from the library and can't wait to try it, even though I totally have two left feet!

--- 6 ---
I'm starting to think about handmade Christmas presents and gather up supplies. What's your favorite handmade thing to make and give?

--- 7 ---
I love that fall TV is in full swing. My favorite new show this season so far is the Tomorrow People. Despite looking exactly like every other CW show, it does have a somewhat interesting concept and I am a sucker for sci-fi. The Originals is pretty awesome too if you like vampires but is definitely NOT something to watch while kids are in the room. 

I'm underwhelmed by Super Fun Night and Reign, which is unfortunate because I thought both were concepts with good potential. 

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Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

This is a fun idea! It's good way to mix things ups.