Monday, October 21, 2013

Catholic Mom's Cafe Book Review

What it is
A book of daily devotionals for busy moms

Who wrote it
Donna Marie Cooper O'Boyle, a Catholic mom of 5, radio host, and EWTN tv personality. 

My impressions
Each day Cooper O'Boyle offers four short sections: Ponder (words of wisdoms from Popes, Saints, and Scripture), Offer (a reflection by Cooper O'Boyle), Pray (a short prayer going with the theme of the day and suggestions of which memorized prayers should go with it too), and Savor (a one liner to think about throughout the day). The prayers are found in the front of the book, which I really appreciate since I don't have them all memorized. 
I also like how short the devotionals are! To be perfectly honest, I have discovered I can read the day's entry while using the restroom, then say the prayers the next time I'm in there, and that's really convenient for me!
I like that she keeps it short, but doesn't skimp on depth of content either. She uses great verses and quotations to really get you thinking in just a few minutes.   
As a convert I did notice the book was very targeted at Catholics. I would not recommend this book to non-Catholics.  While there is nothing in there antagonizing non-Catholics, it just wouldn't be very relatable for someone who does not understand and appreciate the Hail Mary prayer or the rosary, for example (they're mentioned a lot). 

Get it
You can get Catholic Moms Cafe for $14.95 from the Catholic Company at time of posting

The bottom line
A great book for busy moms wanting to incorporate their Catholic faith into their lives daily!

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