Friday, November 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes Nov 15, 2013

--- 1 ---
When boy #2 came we got into the bad habit of watching way too much TV. As the temperature drops and outdoor play becomes but a fond memory, I can feel us falling back into the same habit. So we are going to try a cute idea I saw online of giving "tickets" for TV privileges. Once the tickets are used, the TV is off for the day! I'll try to update on how its going once we try it for a while. 

--- 2 ---
I asked my preschooler to pick his favorite activity to do when spending time with his mama, and he requested we bake cookies! He poured in all the dry ingredients, helped stir, helped roll dough, chose the cookie cutters, and cut many of them out himself. They turned out delicious!
Made of gingerbread, I am!

--- 3 ---
I am loving the cool fair trade stuffCatholic Relief Services has for sale this Christmas season, like this fair trade batik headband:

--- 4 ---
Boy #2 figured out how to get from his stomach to sitting on his bottom and he does it all the time. It's still such a surprise to me though when I turn my back for just a second and discover him sitting up! He can also scootch that way and can now pretty much get himself anywhere he wants to go (which is usually to whichever choking hazard toy Boy #1 has left lying around)

--- 5 ---
I tried a new veggie blend at the grocery store and discovered I actually like asparagus. Who knew?!?

--- 6 ---
I can't believe how close Advent is. I need to get all my stuff together for the activity advent calendar my preschooler has requested to do again this year! One thing I still need to decide is what types of Christmas ornaments to make together. 

--- 7 ---
I accidentally discovered a really fun Christian children's book at the library recently. Its called "P is for Pumpkin: God's Harvest Alphabet" but in the library catalog was listed just as "P is for Pumpkin" so I was pleasantly surprised to discover the religious aspect. Even better? It is still available (I sometimes check out very old library books, but this one is fairly recent) and not very expensive at all! I definitely recommend it for families with preschoolers. 

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Erika Marie said...

Oh my sons would love those star wars cookies cutters. I'll have to add that to the list. It's good of you to give time to your preschooler like that!

annemcd said...

Love the star wars cookies! That would go over really well here! :)

Tamie said...

I love to get new books to check out at the library. I'm off in search of P is for Pumpkins.