Saturday, November 16, 2013

Have you heard about Amazon Smile?

I just found out about a cool new thing Amazon is doing, and I basically don't know why anyone who orders from Amazon wouldn't do it! It is called Amazon Smile, and in a nutshell, means they will donate .5% of the profits from stuff you buy on Amazon Smileto the charity of your choice without raising your purchase price. There are a gazillion great organizations set up on there, but I personally set mine to support the National Down Syndrome Society. 
Even better? It works with Amazon affiliate links to, so if you click through an Amazon link on my page to Amazon Smile, your price stays the same, but both your charity of choice and the my family get a tiny chunk of Amazon's profits! 

To get to Amazon Smile, either click through a link like that one(which would allow you to also support your favorite blogger!), type into your navigation bar, bookmark, or from any regular amazon page, change "www" to "smile". Some products, like subscriptions for monthly delivery of certain products, don't qualify, but most do. 

I think its awesome that Amazon is making it easy to support your favorite bloggers and your favorite charities when doing your usual shopping and without any additional costs to you. Yay Amazon!


Mrs Quinn said...

Wow. Never even knew this existed. Shared on facebook and set myself up with it for future amazon shopping.

Connie Cain said...

Thanks for the info on Amazon Smile. Will definately use it, don't order much bu every little bit helps.

DebraKay Neiman said...

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