Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tell Sephora to ditch "Celebutard" lipstick!

Sephora has now pulled this product! Hurray! This is what they had to say on Facebook:

Sephora, one of the biggest retailers of trendy makeup in the US with a popular website, stand-alone-stores and boutiques inside JCPenneys across the nation, is currently selling a lipstick called "Celebutard" as part of their Kat Von D line. "Celebutard" is a hybrid word that Wikipedia claims the New York Post cruelly coined to describe Paris Hilton by mashing "celebutante" and "retard" together. But maligning celebrities we believe to be foolish or airheads or both by comparing them to people like my son is NOT okay, and neither is then naming a lipstick after this hateful term. 
To make matters worse, they sent an email out to their fans recently featuring the "Celebutard" lipstick as an "editor's pick"!

And I actually totally understand how this could happen, because confession time: despite now being the proud mama of an adorable baby boy with Down syndrome, I used to use the word "retard". I didn't think I was being offensive. I didn't think about people with intellectual disabilities when I said it, and certainly didn't harbor any ill will towards them. I didn't think much at all, and that was the problem. Luckily, some friends pulled me aside after class discretely and let me know that wasn't cool and why. They made me think. I changed my vocabulary.

And now its time to pull aside Sephora and Kat Von D and do the same. It's not okay to mock people, even if you aren't intending to, even if you actually have nothing against them and just weren't thinking. 
There is no lipstick worth marginalizing millions of people. 

Please let Sephora and Kat Von D know this is not okay, and that you'd like them to pull the "Celebutard" lipstick. You can use the highlighted words above if you're not sure what to say, or just speak from your heart. I'll include some helpful contact links below. So far Huffington Post is the only news organization that appears to have covered the story, but feel free to contact your local news stations as well and ask them to ask local Sephora and Sephora in JCPenney stores about the lipstick. 

Places to share your thoughts:
Louis Vuitton (Sephora's parent company) e-mail: Contact_us@louisvuitton.com

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