Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Top 10 Everything in Sports from Sports Illustrated Kids (Book Review)

What it is
Is a book full of top 10 lists about mostly American sports. From the top 10 underdogs to the top 10 overall athletes, there really are lists for the top in everything in sports it seems!

Who wrote it
Sports Illustrated for Kids

The dirt
I barely got a chance to review this book myself because my husband kept taking it and reading it!! He thought the lists were mostly great, although he disagreed with a few choices (which is bound to happen anytime lists of this nature are made). He thought there was a great variety of sports represented. 
When I finally got a hold of the book myself, I thought it was very visually appealing with tons of great pictures of famous athletes and famous sports moments. I recognized more of the names than I was afraid I would. I did notice that there were not even close to as many women as men mentioned. It totally makes sense- Usain Bolt is much faster than Shelly-Ann Fraser,  so he makes the fastest list and she doesn't-but I would love to also see a future book from SI Kids of the top 10 everything in women's sports or some lists of top women athletes and top moments in women's sports added to future editions of this book. 
My husband and I both agreed that the pictures are interesting to all ages, but most of the text would be most interesting for kids 7 & up. He thought it'd be appealing to tween and teenage boys as well as elementary school kids, and would be a fun book to have laying around the house for anyone interested to read (which I think was his way of asking that I not hide it away on a kid bookshelf because he isn't done reading it yet, lol), and says if his friends came over to watch a football game, he's confident they'd be reading it. 

What my kid thought
My preschooler loved all the pictures, and liked to hear his Dad tell him who some of the athletes were. His favorite parts were "the football and baseball pictures". 
Get it
The TOP 10 of Everything in SPORTS is available for $14.46 from Amazon at time of posting

The Bottom Line
A great action packed book for sports fans of all ages, and one of my top suggestions this year for a Christmas gift for a kid or teen who loves sports. If you buy it for your child, don't be surprised if your husband wants to "share"!

Thank you to Sports Illustrated Kids for providing a review copy of this book. I received no other compensation for this post. 

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