Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wear Them Wednesday Babywearing Blog Hop

I'm hosting my first ever blog hop! To participate in this weekly blog hop, write a post about babywearing and link up here! Feel free to copy my format or come up with something entirely different!

One I love
Since this is my first #WearThemWednesday it seems fitting to show off my first ever baby wrap. My first woven wrap was a gift from my mama and is Oscha's triskele honey. This wrap is half linen and half combed cotton in a beautiful goldeny yellow with a triskele pattern. I'm of mostly Scotch-Irish origin, so I loved the idea of getting a wrap from a Scottish company that uses Irish linen, plus I love the color and pattern too. Triskele is actually a trinity symbol, used by the ancient Celts to symbolize the maid-mother-crone triad and then later adopted by Christians to explain the Holy Trinity. I love looking at the wrap and thinking that hundreds of years ago, some priest in Ireland might've used that same symbol to help my ancestors grow in their faith!

One I want
Pavo, a relative newcomer to the woven wrap market, has positioned itself as a must-have for babywearing aficionados with bright colorful patterns on soft and supportive wraps. I have my eye on the darker green hearts wrap. I'm crossing my fingers it wasn't just a test color and that it doesn't sell out before I even notice its on sale!

One way to wear it
My favorite way to wrap currently, and the first carry I learned to tie well, is the front wrap cross carry. It looks like this when I do it:

But this video from Babywearing Faith on YouTube really shows it much better (and I highly encourage you to subscribe to her YouTube channel!):

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1 comment :

Katie said...

I love baby wearing! Such a simple thing to make (my first was just a 4.5 yard knit with NO sewing!) and so great to have the baby right near you!