Monday, November 18, 2013

What to buy for Christmas for a Baby with Down Syndrome!

This is part of a series of gift guide posts I plan on doing this Christmas shopping season. I know I've found similar guides from other bloggers very useful and I hope my suggestions are useful to you too! 

For the most part, babies with Down syndrome are just like any other baby, so most gifts you'd typically buy for any baby will be good for them as well. That being said, here are a few of my favorites and why I love them so much:

Freddie Firefly
Why I love it: lots of textures and colors, easily hangs from carseat or stroller, but mostly because my baby does! 
Recommended age: birth-6 months

Summer Infant Super Seat
Why I love it: all the fun of an exersaucers with none of the hip dysplasia concerns! (Most physical therapists recommend against using any type of exersaucer with a baby with DS)
Recommended ages: 6 months + able to easily sit for long periods of time with moderate back support

Anything from Oball
Why I love it: The weblike design of Oball toys makes them lightweight and easy to grab, even for babies with low tone. We have a rattle, rain stick ball, and a car and love them all!
Recommended ages: birth and up!

Marvel plush
Why I love it: these cute plushy superheroes are great for babies and older siblings alike. They look like classic Marvel characters we know and love, but don't hurt if you accidentally hit yourself-or a sibling-in the face with one. These would be especially great for a toddler with DS who would want to play with action figures but might still be putting everything in their mouths. 
Recommended ages: 3 months-3 years

Sophie the Giraffe
Why I love it: Sophie is made of natural rubber and food grade coloring, so I think she's much safer to chew on than some of the plastic toys that abound now. A wonderful teething toy or just-for-fun toy.  
Recommended ages: Birth & up

Musical instruments
Why I love it: Musical instruments help babies understand cause and effect, not mention being tons of fun! I love musical instruments that are baby safe and make a great sound. 
Recommended ages: 3 months & up

Indestructibles books
Why I love it: these books are bright and colorful and basically impossible for a baby to destroy or get injured from. I especially love that they are waterproof and so easy to clean, but still feel like paper and not plastic. 
Recommended ages: birth & up!

What's your favorite gift for babies?

**links are Amazon affiliate links which means your product costs the same, but I get a tiny chunk of Amazon's profits!** update 11/30/13: I just saw that the Amazon links are a bit wonky...I apologize and will get them straightened out as soon as I can!

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