Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Veggie Tales Merry Larry App Review

Looking for a good distraction for your kids today while you're finishing up the last of your elven duties? If so I highly recommend the Veggie Tales Merry Larry app. It's actually 7 games in one, and my 4.5year old loves it! He does need help on a few of the games, which lets me know its definitely challenging enough for kids a lot older than 4.5 as well. 

The app features classic Veggie Tales characters like Bob and Larry and adds tons of festive cheer, and has kept my son busy for hour and hours. Here are a few of his creations from the coloring mini game within the app:
He probably spent the most time with the coloring game, but his other favorite mini game was the railroad builder. I was so impressed at his puzzle solving skills as he built railroads!

You can download the app from the iTunes Store here

(PS: it'd also be a great app to preload on an iOS device someone is getting as a Christmas present!!)

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