Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wear them Wednesday Christmas 2013

One I love
My Christmas present from my parents was this beauty: 
Pavo Etini Poinsetta! It's a gorgeous cherry red paired with a shimmery silvery white and it wraps so wonderfully, even brand new!

Right side:

Wrong side:

One I want
Not letting Pavo monopolize the Christmasy wrap market, Kokadi shines with this festive wrap called Koko Stars:

Right side (pics are screenshots from Kokadi's Facebook page):

Wrong side:

One way to wear it
It only seems fitting for today to discuss the "candy cane" belt method of finishing a carry! Basically, rather than tying a knot, you finish your carry by twisting and wrapping the ends of your wrap around each other! 

Here is Babywearing Faith (who is awesome, and who you should follow on Facebook) showing a Giselle's back carry with waist belt and candy cane chest belt:

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