Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes Jan 31, 2013

--- 1 ---
My baby turned one this week! Where did this year go?!?

--- 2 ---
My friend Kilee has an Etsy store where she sells leather belts for babies & toddlers and leather cuffs and earrings for mamas, and today started selling these amazing teardrop earrings in a 2" size! I ordered silver for myself and can't wait to get them! She has free shipping (no coupon code needed!) through the weekend, so I definitely recommend grabbing a pair for yourself!

--- 3 ---
I'm working on some fun giveaways for February, including a building kit (think giant tinker toys) and a woven wrap! Check back soon for more details and to enter!!

--- 4 ---
Do you have Amazon Prime ? We discovered it has all the episodes of Star Trek: the Next Generation for free with a Prime membership, so we have been watching an episode most nights. Our preschooler keeps asking whether "the Borg" are in each episode, lol. He ought to be a Trekkie-we watched every episode of the original series while I was pregnant with him!

--- 5 ---
Boy #2 got promoted this week to being allowed to help load the dishwasher on top of his previous chores of setting the table and unloading the dishwasher. And he's thrilled. And I'm thrilled. Everyone wins. Yay for kids who want to do things themselves and are still impressed by the novelty of being allowed to handle butter knives!!
--- 6 ---
Boy #1 is a lean mean crawling machine these days, not to mention pulling himself to a kneel and to a stand constantly! He is always on the go and always working those muscles. And he's getting more vocal about what he wants. When boy #1 takes his toys now he fusses almost as much as he does from pain or injury (actually he cries more than he does at blood draws!). 

--- 7 ---
A new season of my CW guilty pleasure, the Tomorrow People, is well underway and it looks like the main character's little brother, Luca, is finally getting his powers! Stephen has been criticized as an underwhelming and/or miscast leading man by many fans (and non fans) of the show, so it's exciting to see another potential main character. I'd love to see some storylines with him and some of the other younger Tomorrow People, like geeky Kelsey or Citadel-escapee Chloe! Not to mention Alexa Vega's extended guest role on the show this season. Definitely spicing things up at Ultra! For all the poor acting and predictable storylines, I really think the Tomorrow People is one of the best sci-fi shows on right now, thanks to good acting by other characters, a fun premise, and compelling characters. I hope it keeps airing for a long time!

What TV show do you love despite its flaws?

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benmo45 said...

Chores for kids. It's wonderful when kids love to help... to feel like you're a contributing member of the family. Part of the team. Yea!

Lauren said...

I love those earrings! Will have to check out her Etsy store!!