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7 Quick Takes January 17, 2013

--- 1 ---
On Monday I'm hosting a Twitter party for the first time ever! The party is the Natural Parents' Network Valentine's Day Twitter Party and I'll be tweeting as the host, @NatParNet. It's at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific on Monday the 20th of January with the hashtag #NaturalParents. There are tons of great prizes, so if you're interested, you should check out the details here (and RSVP because we are saving one of the prizes just for someone who RSVPs!)

--- 2 ---
I mentioned it yesterday, but after a long battle with my old laptop and my new desktop, I finally got The Babywearing Workout to download and play, and I love it! I am working on a full review, but I am already feeling it in my muscles-but not toooo much-so I know it's a good amount of exercise for me! Anyway, she is doing a New Year's health challenge with tons of great prizes so I definitely encourage you to sign up for the challenge if you have or plan to get the DVD!

--- 3 ---
We got a new computer! Hurray! The bad news is that it comes with Windows 8, and it appears Microsoft, in their attempt to differentiate themselves from Apple, decided to make everything as counterintuitive as possible. I'm still figuring out all the work arounds, but cautiously optimistic it will be an awesome, fully functional computer soon!

--- 4 ---
Boy #2 is fully mobile these days and getting into everything! He crawls all over the house and pulls himself to kneeling and standing on all sorts of things and tries to eat anything Boy #1 leaves on the ground. But his best new trick is rolling a ball! His face lights up so wonderfully when he rolls the ball back and forth with us, and he is actually pretty good at it for a baby!

--- 5 ---
Boy #2 is going to be one in just a couple weeks! Eek! I need to get cute cups and plates and napkins and bake a cake! Oh, and order him a present. What are your favorite first birthday presents for someone who has an older brother who used to be the only grandchild on either side and therefore has entirely too many baby toys already?!?

--- 6 ---
Boy #1 is really truly turning into a big kid. He is so thoughtful and funny these days, and while he still has tantrums sometimes, he is mostly so mature and wonderful to be around. I am getting as many snuggles as possible from him in while I can still scoop him up in my lap in the rocking chair and read him Curious George and have him think that's the best thing that happened to him all day. 

--- 7 ---
A new season of American Idol just started! Last winter we would all snuggle up on the couch together, me nursing little newborn Boy #2 while we watched. This year everyone climbed and crawled and made noise all over the playroom while we watched. I could hardly hear! Mostly I think I like Harry Conick but haven't seen anyone I think can win it yet. Sometimes people aren't as impressive in auditions as they are later on though, and my favorites in the auditions never make it past Hollywood, so clearly I know nothing!
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