Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wear them Thursday Jan 15, 2014

Due to computer problems, this week's Wear Them Wednesday got bumped to Wear them Thursday! Not as catchy, but the baby and the carriers are still just as cute!

One I love
My mom must actually read my blog (thanks Mom!) because she bought me the wrap I posted as "one I want" just a few weeks ago! The amazingly gorgeous Lir Slings Realt Aodh is now actually mine! It's grey and white, half Irish linen, and is supportive and fairly grippy but not unpleasant to wrap with even new, and getting so nice and soft now that it has been broken in a bit! I think it's the perfect wrap for winter (which should last for several more months around here). 
Right side:

Wrong side:

One I want
For a more whimsical take on the deep of winter, I think Natibaby polaria frosty is adorable. Penguins, polar bears, seals, and sled dogs adorn this polar themed wrap in dark blue and off white  in a 30/70 wool/cotton blend. (Picture is screenshot from Natibaby site where it is for sale!)

One way to wear it
While exercising! Have you heard of The Babywearing Workout? It's a fitness video designed for exercising while babywearing! I love that it takes the logistics of babywearing into account when designing moves to make sure they are safe for mamas and babies. My son thinks its hilarious to be wrapped up while mama exercises, and I think if I can keep a consistent routine up with it that I can be back into my normal clothing sizes by the time my sister-in-law gets married this summer! 
I'll post a full review coming soon, but basically, I really like it and think its definitely worth doing and amazed at the wonderful customer service from Kelli (I had computer issues and she was helpful and sympathetic! This is why I love working with WAHM companies!)
PS: The Babywearing Workout runs fun contests from time to time to motivate people to keep exercising, so be sure to follow them on Facebook so you know when they are coming and can join in! The next one started this week and features dozens of awesome babywearing and general baby care prizes including an Onya baby carrier, and its not too late to join in! You're supposed to exercise 5 days a week for the next 10 weeks with 3 days/week being The Babywearing Workout, so you can count the first three days of this week as your off days or as your cross-training days!

I received a free copy of the Babywearing Workout to review on my blog but received no compensation for this post! Links to The Babywearing Workout are affiliate links, which means your price stays the same but I get some of the profits if you decide to buy! You can also do a google search to find The Babywearing Workouton your own if you would rather not use an affiliate link.

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