Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wear them Wednesday Jan 29, 2014

One I Love
Diva Milano Barocco Lions Turchese. All-cotton, gray and turquoise. I like to pretend my eyes are the same color of this wrap, and we once spent 6 hours together at the zoo as well as several hours picking apples at a local orchard, not to mention many less exciting days of wrapping, so I think it's fair to say this is one of my favorite wraps. Lions are also the first wrap of mine that my mother-in-law liked, so that earns them bonus points!

please excuse my wind-blown least the wrap looks awesome, right?!?

Right side:

Close up!

Wrong side:

One I Want

*Photo from the Artipoppe Facebook page; used with permission

This green and blue wrap in 50% nightblue Egyptian cotton, 42% green Egyptian cotton and 8% green cashmere from Artipoppe sings to me. The colors, the pretty! I'm trying to console myself for not being lucky enough to get it when they released it a few weeks ago by reminding myself the cashmere might be too warm in summer...but ooh boy it's a beautiful wrap!

One Way to Wear It

One of my favorite ways to wear a woven wrap is a front cross carry, tied at the hip. It is a poppable carry so you can get baby in and out easily, and tying the knot on the side instead of front helps avoid adding awkward bulk to your midsection if you're like me and don't need any extra there! FCC is one of the first carries I learned and I still use it regularly!

The ever helpful Babywearing Faith (who you really ought to follow on Facebook and YouTube if you're interested in learning new carries!) of course has a video for Front Cross Carry:

And to tie it at your hip, you'll have to experiment a little with where the sweet spot is for you, but for me with a size 5 it works best to have the middle marker just about at my shoulder blade opposite the hip I plan to tie on rather than the actual middle of my back

PS: I reviewed The Babywearing Workout (spoiler alert: I love it!) earlier in the week, so be sure to check it out if you're looking for ways to stay in shape while wearing baby! My review is here.

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