Friday, February 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes Feb 21, 2014

--- 1 ---
Did you hear about the fun Lego building event at Barnes & Noble stores on March 1st? It's at 1pm and is free and open to kids from 4-7, but you have to register in person or over the phone in advance to reserve your spot! There are rumors of free Legos for attendees, so I think it's worth signing up if you're free that afternoon and your local store is participating!

I remember doing Lego building events at the mall as a kid with my brothers and thinking it was really fun and and exciting. I hope my son loves it as much as my brothers and I did!

--- 2 ---
I was just checking Bloglovin' to read some blogs I love if they've posted since I last checked and discovered I didn't set my blog up as mine on ther! Oops! All taken care of now though I think! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

--- 3 ---
Next week I have two giveaways being posted including my first ever video review, so be sure to check  back in! One is for a great building set and the other is for ingredients for a delicious Mardi Gras meal. So much fun!

--- 4 ---
Have you seen the new CW show Star Crossed? I had high hopes, as a sci-fi fan, and so far I'm on board. The basic premise? Humanoid aliens seek refuge on Earth, but of course the stupid earthlings think its an invasion and genocide like half of them and force the rest to live in a gated area called "the sector". Now (which is like 2024 if I was doing math properly and paying attention well) 7 alien teenagers are being allowed to go to high school alongside the humans as a sort of social experiment.  The staging of the school scene was very reminiscent of the integration of schools in America in the 60's, which I thought was an interesting choice. I think we are going to see a lot of potentially though-provoking discussion of what it means to be human in the course of this show. 
Anyway, so it's the CW, so all the high school students are actually like my age (mid twenties) and good looking, and the stars are a human girl and an Atrian boy who met on "landing day" when they were little kids but hadn't seen each other since. It'll probably be a typical CW romance, fraught with triangles and indecision, but you never know. Maybe the CW will think outside the box a little. 
We can hope. 

--- 5 ---
Boy #2 has started walking around holding on to furniture! Today he went probably 5 or so feet from a chair to an air filtration device to the window sill!!! 
--- 6 ---
The weather is finally improving so we are getting to actually play outside most days and Boy #1 and I started sprouting some seed inside. We have 34 radish sprouts now that we have to figure out a plan for though!!

--- 7 ---
Boy #1 is also continuing to improve his writing skills and today we got some new workbooks that I love. They are from Kumon and start by having the child trace shapes (like vertical lines and horizontal lines) and then trace letter made of those shapes. It seems like such a logical way to teach it that it makes me wonder why that's not the method used in every workbook! Anyway I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for alphabet tracing books to use with preschoolers, and I'm excited to try some of their other workbooks with my son too!

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