Friday, February 14, 2014

Easy Felt Holiday Cookies

For Valentine's Day this year I made my sons and niece some felt sugar cookies. They were so easy and turned out so cute that I wanted to share my technique with you so you can make some for your little ones too on future holidays (I think we will make some shamrocks next, and then maybe some Easter eggs!). 

What you need
Cream felt
Colorful felt
Cream embroidery floss
2-3 bright or pastel colors embroidery floss
Polyester fiber-fill, all-natural stuffing, or tiny scraps of felt
Cookie cutters, or computer & printer

What you do
First, pick a shape! You could print a shape off of a website online-look for a simple outline clipart type shape if you do-but the easiest thing for me is to use an actual cookie cutter! I used a heart for these.

Next, choose your felt. I think a nice creamy off-white looks great as the sugar cookie, and I chose pink, red, and purple for my frosting on my heart cookies. 

On the cream felt, trace around the outside of your cookie cutter with a water soluble marker or a yellow washable marker if you do not have a water soluble marker and then cut two for each cookie you want to make. If you are using a shape printed off on computer paper, pin it to your felt and cut around the outside of the shape, making sure not to cut the lines. 

On your frosting, trace around the inside of your cookie cutter and then cut one for each cookie you want to make. If you are using a shape printed from the Internet, trace it as before, but when cutting, be sure to cut on the inside of the line to make sure it's smaller than the cookie. 

Then, place your frosting shape on top of a cookie shape, making sure any tracing lines are facing down.  Pick two or three colors of embroidery floss that go with the occasion you're celebrating and sew small lines randomly across the frosting, going different directions to represent sprinkles. The threads should go through both the frosting and cookie layers, as this is how we are securing our frosting layer.

Next, place the frosted cookie top on your cookie bottom piece, again making sure any tracing lines are on the inside where they wont be as visible, and sew a blanket stitch (my favorite, especially for baked goods) or ladder stitch around the edge of the cookie, leave a 1-2" gap on one side. 

Insert stuffing through this hole, then close it with the same stitch you were using before.

Work the cookie a bit with your fingers to make sure the stuffing is fairly even. 



The Leila BK Blog: Sensitive and Extraordinary Kids said...

I love these! Every time I see cute felt foods I think "I'm gonna make these"! But alas, I'm ashamed to say, I don't sew.

It would be nice you posted pictures of all your steps. That way when I do learn to stitch, I'll come back here and make me some cookies! They're really beautiful!

Crunchy Con Mommy said...

I'm glad you like them! I will take more pics next time I sew felt food-maybe even a video!?!
It's actually super easy, and embroidery floss and felt are each like 30 cents, so it's pretty low cost to try even if your first attempt is a complete failure. But I think you'll be pleased with your results!

Laina Turner said...

So darn cute. LOVE this idea.

Laurel Thomas said...

Those are so cute! I bet they'd make great ornaments.

Kim Seghers said...

Wow! these are amazing they look so real! I always wished I could sew so, I could make amazing things like your felt cookies!!

Thanks for sharing! I'm coming over from #SitsBlogging.

Kim ~ This Ole Mom

Kimberly Curtis said...

SEW DARN CUTE! I love felting projects!

Kim StuffedSuitcase said...

What a fun craft. I always love finding ideas using felt since it's such an inexpensive and forgiving material! I'm also loving your fruits of the spirit in your header! #SITSBlogging

Momma Jorje said...

Those are so cute!

Cobberson & Co. said...

These are adorable! I love anything made with felt <3