Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wear them Wednesday Feb 19, 2014

On Wednesdays I blog about a wrap, sling, or other baby carrier I've tried and loved, one I hope to try someday, and one way to wear a wrap, sling, or other carrier. In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm sharing my favorite romantic wraps all month, from hearts to florals. This week, I'm going upscale with my favorite romantic wraps from higher end wrap companies

One I love
Pavo hearts! My amazing mama actually bought Pavo hearts in three colors so that my brothers (who both have pregnant wives) and I can all three wrap our babies in matching wraps. It's kind of like when we were little and each got a different color of the same yo-yo at Christmas, except way better, because Pavos!!!
I get to break them all in so they are ready for my new nephews or niece and nephew (we know at least one is a boy), but the khaki one is destined to stay mine. 
Pavo "Bashful Hearts" is part of Pavo's Form line and is all-cotton in khaki and white. I love the graphic hearts and the great color contrast. 
Please excuse my wet hair. This picture shows the color of the wrap so well I decided it was worth using anyway!

Right side:

Wrong side:

One I want
For Valentine's Day last week, Artipoppe release this amazing pink wrap and I totally love it and wish I could snuggle my baby in it. It's called Inachis the Mistress, and it's 48% ecru Egyptian cotton and 52% gorgeous hot pink cashmere. 

picture from Artipoppe Facebook page

One way to wear it
Robin's hip carry is a stylish and reasonably easy way to tie a woven wrap. It was the first hip carry I mastered! Babywearing Faith of course has an awesome video showing you how to do it successfully:


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