Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wear them Wednesday February 5th, 2013

One I love
A wrap I have been recently loving more and more is Oscha's Margo Verona. I initially fell in love with the pattern, which is very reminiscent of the style of the Arts & Crafts movement and in particular the "Macintosh rose" design created by Robert Macintosh, and the deep red color-probably closest to a brick red-but have just in the last few days been really appreciating its supportiveness and cushiness, both attributable to being a hemp/cotton blend. My mom even tried it out when she visited a few months ago!

Right side:

Wrong side:

One I want
I discovered that my favorite color in the universe is apparently "hibiscus"! Pavo's all-cotton etini hibiscus has really caught my eye, with this cheery pink color. I've actually seen close-ups online showing its actually a mixture of magenta and red threads that lead to this beauty! 
(This is a screenshot from the Pavo website)

One way to wear it
My latest favorite carry is a short cross carry. It's a poppable front carry that I can do best with a 4 or 5. I love the way the back looks, and I've seen other people do it with a ring in the back as a fun twist! I used this great video from YouTube to teach myself to do it:

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