Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wear them Wednesday: Valentine's Day 2014

On Wednesdays I blog about a wrap, sling, or other baby carrier I've tried and loved, one I hope to try someday, and one way to wear a wrap, sling, or other carrier. In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm sharing my favorite romantic wraps all month, from hearts to florals. This week, it's all about the pink!

One I love

Roses Danna from Oscha is one of the prettiest pink wraps I've ever seen. It's all cotton, which means easy care (machine wash and dry) and snugly softness for even the newest of little valentines. However Oscha cotton is also surprisingly supportive-this is definitely not a squish-only type of wrap!

Right side:

Wrong side:

My roses danna is on loan to a sister-in-law, but some lovely ladies said I could share their action shots with you! 

Here's Miriam:

And Josie:

Aren't they gorgeous?!? Thanks for letting me post your pics ladies!

One I want

Pollora is a relatively new wrap maker on the scene, but every time their name come up, the consensus seems to be that their wraps are soft and supportive. Their wraps are all machine woven in a German mill except their first ever handwoven wrap, which they are working on right now. And I love their whimsical patterns. To me they get them just right-fun but not ridiculous. I think their design aesthetic is very similar to mine. I love pretty much ALL their wraps visually (and from the sounds of things would love their feel too!). One of my very favorites of theirs is "love", a design full of cute hearts. I think I'd pick pink, personally, but the red is a really gorgeous shade as well.

Right sides:

Wrong sides: 

I especially love that both sides are pretty. I love wraps like that, especially tied in a carry with flipped shoulders or that in some other way shows off both sides. When the wrong side is as pretty as the right side you know you found a winner!

One way to wear it

While nursing! 
Did you know it's possible to wear a baby carrier or wrap while breastfeeding?!? The lovely Kristy demonstrates one way to do so here with her adorable baby and the Oscha roses danna wrap I mentioned earlier!


Kristin said...

Those are so pretty! I always wished I had had a good wrap when my kiddos were small. I was intimidated by them and think I seriously missed out! Sharing the comment love fromSITS!

Leah Hudson said...

That top one is SO beautiful! I wasn't able to baby wear very much, but I do love it!

Crunchy Con Mommy said...

Thanks ladies! I didn't know about woven wraps when my first son was a baby/toddler and that was one of the biggest things I noticed about them vs my structured carriers like my baby Bjorn and Boba: they're SO pretty!

Lara said...

These are so pretty! I especially love the Pollora wrap. Thanks for sharing!